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Eject EP

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About Eject EP

Repetition. Presets. Randomness. Collage. Subtraction. Loneliness. Readymade. Minimalism.

Eject EP is an attempt to bring those concepts together through a simple audio-visual project.

The EP was recorded throughout the second half of 2016 in my rudimentary home studio in Copenhagen. I've used the following tools: electric guitar; various guitar effects; Figure (iPhone app by Propellerhead); microKORG; Shure SM57 microphone; simple USB audio interface; MacBook Pro with Adobe Audition.

Inspired by principles of Sōsaku-hanga art movement, Eject EP is a deliberate solo effort. Instrumentation, production and visuals were all  "self-drawn", "self-carved" and "self-printed".

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Live at Amagertorv

The first-ever Dot White performance—complete Eject EP played live. Location: Amagertorv 14, Copenhagen. Date: March 25, 2017. 

Filming and Editing: James Burke (Tugboat Productions). Art Direction: Mario Depicolzuane


Resistance (live)

Deception (live)

The Return Of The Enemy (live)

Flying Too Low (live)

Bit Bit Bit (live)



Dot White is a music platform of Mario Depicolzuane. It's a place for solo and collaborative audio-visual projects with an emphasis on experimentation, eclecticism and play.